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Catherine Wilson, CRNP, just obtained her cosmetic Botox certification! Congrats Catherine! She is looking forward to helping you achieve a rested and more youthful appearance with the techniques she is now trained in. 

Kastle Donovan, CRNP, is also available for patients for cosmetic Botox and Xeomin, and has been a certified injector for over a year now.  She's also trained in Botox for chronic migraines and hyperhydrosis (underarm sweating).  

Casey Lehner, RD is accepting new patients and is up to date on all the latest dietary trends- the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The Keto diet, Paleo, Whole 30 and intermittent fasting... if you need an expert opinion on improving your nutritional habits, call and schedule with her on Wednesdays!

Amy Ricker, CRNP and Kastle Donovan, CRNP continue to be active in the state medical cannabis community.  These two are well-versed on the pro's and con's of medical cannabis and CBD use. Questions? look no further!  Amy and Kastle certify patients for medical cannabis during Saturday clinics, and we have a full-spectrum CBD oil on site available for purchase.

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