Headache Management


Today we are talking about headaches.


Gone are the days where patients had to ride out migraines, take tons of Motrin, and wait to become functional again. Abortive therapies knock out migraines quickly, and if that doesn't work, preventative medications can reduce frequency and duration.

As you see below, there are many types of headaches, and each have different characteristics. Some produce pain around the temples or ears, some are described as a squeezing around the head, some even cause visual changes.

Botox provides a good option for prevention of chronic migraines. This FDA-approved therapy is administered in our office every 3 months, and has been shown to reduce chronic migraine frequency by half.

The newest class of preventative medications for chronic migraines involves CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) inhibitors. These medications (such as Aimovig and Emgality) target the CGRP hormone, which rises during migraines and falls after the attack. These medications are administered as injections in the office on a monthly basis.


Please contact our providers if you are interested in learning more about these therapies!

Kastle Donovan, CRNP

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