Annapolis family medicine Providers


Dr. William Dabbs

Dr. William Dabbs graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC.  Specializing in the field of Family Medicine, Dr. Dabbs is prepared to provide comprehensive medical care for families and individuals suffering from all types of illnesses, disorders, conditions and diseases. Dr. Dabbs is prepared to provide comprehensive medical care for families and individuals suffering from all types of illnesses, disorders, conditions and diseases. Dr. Dabbs sees patients ages 5 & up.

Kastle Donovan, CRNP

Kastle Donovan, CRNP brings over a decade of experience with her to the Annapolis Family team, ranging from critical care to family practice and internal medicine. She is expanding her patient base in Annapolis and is eager to continue providing a high level of primary care to patients. From school aged children to retirees, Ms. Donovan works to improve patients health across the spectrum, whether it be during a routine checkup, continued care, for a chronic condition, or an urgent visit. Further, Ms. Donovan holds a special interest in Women's health, young adult and adolescent wellness, and preventative care. If you are looking to establish quality healthcare for your family for years to come, Ms. Donovan is welcoming new patients Thursdays and Fridays. Kastle sees patients ages 8 and up.

Amy Ricker, CRNP

Amy attended Salisbury State for her first Bachelor's degree, majoring in Biology, and then attended the U of MD for her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. After working several years in the emergency department at Baltimore-Washington Hospital, Amy went back to UMD for her Master's in Nursing. She graduated and became board-certified as a family nurse practitioner in 2011. Since then, Amy has worked in continuously Annapolis as an acute care and family practice provider. Amy has been known to bring work home with her, and views her career as more than just "a job." Patients of hers know that they will always have her undivided attention and compassion for whatever issue they are being seen for.
We are incredibly lucky to have someone with her level of empathy, passion, and experience taking care of our patients! Amy is available Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays to see patients ages 3 and up for both routine and acute visits.

Casey Lehner, RD, ldn

Casey Lehner is a highly respected Registered Dietitian, certified LEAP therapist and wellness educator.  Casey earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics at Virginia Tech.  With a desire to focus on the straight forward, basic principles of eating a nourishing diet to enhance quality of life and manage health conditions, Casey helps many achieve and maintain their goals. 

Casey provides nutrition focused services for special diets (vegetarian, lactose intolerance, etc.), heart health, diabetes management, digestive disorders, weight management, balanced nutrition for pregnant moms, and overall nourishing solutions for the whole family.   In addition, Casey can provide a comprehensive blood test to identify food and food chemical sensitivities that are linked to many uncomfortable lingering health problems such as acid reflux, migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and a dietary program aimed to reduce these symptoms . 

Contact Casey and take a step forward in your journey toward reaching your optimal health potential. 


Kathy b. gabriel, ph.d

Psychology is now an important part of family medicine.  You should consider scheduling with Dr. Gabriel when you experience any significant life challenges including; relationship difficulties, feelings of depression, anxiety, or difficulty coping with illness and age related changes.  It is not necessary to wait until you have serious problems before trying a short period of talk therapy.  You can meet with Dr. Gabriel for help when building a more balanced healthy life.

Psychological Services also include assessment for Attention Deficit Disorder; Depression, and Anxiety as well as assessment and management of Dementia and related issues associated with aging.