HEalth & wellness Program

September 19, 2019

To Our Most Valued Patients

In an attempt to provide the highest quality medical care possible, Annapolis Family Medicine will transition fully into our Health & Wellness Program on January 1st, 2020. This program offers amenities and health benefits beyond those covered by private health insurance plans and will allow us the needed resources to enhance your healthcare and overall wellness.

Some of the benefits include more flexibility, appointment availability, opportunity for extended visits, as well as treating appropriate conditions by telephone or email-- thus saving you an office visit.

The current reimbursement rates and regulatory model make the system unsustainable for small primary care practices like ours. While we recognize that changing our practice to a full concierge model could create a significant financial burden for many of our patients, We are confident that our Health & Wellness Program offers a reasonable balance by allowing you to continue to use your health insurance.

Program Fees:


If you would like to join our Health & Wellness Program please find the link to the sign up form below and either bring it with you to the office, mail to Annapolis Family Medicine - 104 Ridgley Avenue St. 302 Annapolis, MD 21404 or email to our Wellness Nurse Stephanie Finnan at

Questions or Concerns? Please contact us below for more details.

In addition, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Health and Wellness Nurse at 410-280-9500 extension 5 .

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