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Health & wellness program

Annapolis Family Medicine is proud to offer our new Health & Wellness Program. This voluntary program offers amenities and health benefits beyond those covered by private health insurance plans, and will allow us the needed resources to enhance your health care by offering a more integrative model.

The Health and Wellness Program offers the following enhanced services:

  • Health Nurse and assistance by direct telephone line and electronic services. With a direct phone number and email, our participants will have access to our Health and Wellness Program Nurse. Our Health and Wellness Nurse will help coordinate care with our providers to ensure medical needs are met in the safest, most efficient means possible. The following services can often be handled without an office visit saving the patient both time and money:

    • Same day triage, visit and treatment of an acute illness.

    • Telephone triage and treatment of minor medical problems without an office visit. By using standard protocols reviewed by the providers, some medical issues such as uncomplicated rashes, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary tract infections can be handled without an office visit, saving the patient time, money and limiting exposure of certain illnesses

    • Telephone analysis and triage for ordering special tests such as X-rays or other specialized tests prior to your office visit.

    • Assistance with “special” limited medications ( such as but not limited to motion sickness patches and travel medications) and other requests after a careful review of the health record.

    • Routine medication refills. For those participating members, this request can be reviewed and processed by our Health and Wellness Nurse.

  • Virtual visits: This is a very valuable resource used for selected problems as well as for our patients who do not live locally or who travel often. This new communication tool will be part of the wellness program.

  • Enhanced Wellness Exam. Currently insurance companies only cover 1 basic preventative exam a year. With the Health and Wellness program, in addition to the annual recommended preventive exam, you will receive a more extensive cardiac analysis and risk assessment as well as an enhanced nutritional and psychological assessment.

  • Annual Nutrition Screening. A written, individualized assessment of a treatment plan will be provided by our nutritionist Casey Lehner, RD after a careful analysis of your exam and laboratory findings.

  • Annual Psychological Assessment: In collaboration with Kathy Gabriel, PhD, Health and Wellness patients will have access to an annual psychological assessment/consult personalized to the patient.

  • Self-Pay patients: The Wellness Program will offer special savings and affordable access for those patients who are without health insurance or for those with a high-deductible plan

In addition to the above Wellness Program benefits, AFM is proud to offer to all of our patients the following specialized services not traditionally offered in a primary care office:


● On-premise Lab Drawing

● Medical and Cosmetic Botox Treatments

● Acute Care Medicine Including Laceration repair

● Genetic Testing

● Medicinal Cannabis Certification

● Hormone Replacement Therapy

● Travel Medicine


Why are we offering this Wellness program? We want to continue to provide the highest quality medical care, but the current reimbursement and regulatory model makes the current system unsustainable both personally and financially. We have resisted all temptations to change our practice to a full concierge model because we understand the insurance pressures that patients are currently under, and that approach would create a significant financial burden for many of our patients. The AFM Health & Wellness Program offers a reasonable balance, allowing you to continue to use your insurance.

Membership fee:

  • $150 quarterly OR $600 dollars annually for an individual

  • $300 quarterly OR $1200 annually for a family (spouses and dependents < 26 years of age)

The benefits of the AFM Health and Wellness Program are numerous. This program can help eliminate the need for frequent office visits, thus saving you time, money and limiting the exposure of contagious illnesses. For those who choose these services, this program will provide beneficial enhancements to your medical care and overall wellness, allowing for an integrative approach utilizing our diverse team here at AFM. If you choose not to participate, an office visit will be required to assess your medical problem or request.

Whether you continue the current system, or choose to join our AFM Health and Wellness program, we look forward to working with you to provide the highest quality of medical care