Medication Change Request

If you need to change a medication, dose, or update or change and instruction, please choose one of the following options:

If You Know The Alternative Medication And/or Instruction You Desire

  1. Fill out the current medication and instructions;
  2. State the requested change in the message box, and send to us.

If You Do Not Know The Alternative Medication

  1. Contact your insurance or Pharmacy Benefits Plan, and they should help you understand the choices available to you covered by your insurer.
  2. State that information in the message box and send to us.

If you are unable to find any alternative choice, then state that in the message box and we will choose one for you. This is usually a slower process as we might choose one your insurer does not cover, or is too expensive. Thus any information you can find will expedite this process and could save you money based on your insurance plan.

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