Annapolis Family Medicine is proud to present our Health & Wellness Program

This program, which operates like a Concierge Model, offers amenities and health benefits beyond those covered by private health insurance plans,
and will allow us the needed resources to enhance your health care by offering a more integrative model.

The benefits of the AFM Health and Wellness Program are numerous. This program will help eliminate the need for frequent office visits, thus saving you time, money and limiting the exposure of contagious illnesses. For those who choose these services, this program will provide beneficial enhancements to your medical care and overall wellness, allowing for an integrative approach utilizing our diverse team here at AFM. We look forward to working with you to provide the highest quality of medical care.

Membership Benefits

Health & Wellness Nurse

Assistance by direct telephone line and electronic services . With a direct phone number and email, you will have access to our Health and Wellness Program Nurse. Our Health and Wellness Nurse will help coordinate care with our providers to ensure medical needs are met in the safest, most efficient means possible.

Enhanced Wellness Exam

Currently, insurance companies only cover 1 basic preventative exam a year. With the Health and Wellness program, in addition to the annual recommended preventive exam, you will receive a more extensive cardiac analysis and risk assessment as well as an enhanced nutritional and psychological assessment.

Annual Nutrition Screening

A written, individualized assessment of a treatment plan will be provided by our nutritionist Tina Hinchman, MS, LDN, CNS after a careful analysis of your exam and laboratory findings.

Annual Psychological Assessment

In collaboration with Kathy Gabriel, PhD, Health and Wellness patients will have access to an annual psychological assessment/consult personalized to the patient.

Integrative Medicine Consultations

Our comprehensive wellness care will include an evaluation to determine if these alternative therapies would be beneficial to you. These therapies include:

Hormone Replacement Therapy*
CBD Oil*
Medicinal Cannabis*

*This consultation is included in our plan but there is an additional charge for each of these treatments.

Comprehensive Medical Care

We provide comprehensive care from adolescents to our seniors with:

Annual Wellness preventative exams
Health Risk Assessment
Chronic Disease Management
Urgent Care Same Day Care
Virtual Visits
In Office Lab Services
Medical Botox treatments for Migraines

Self-Pay Options:

For our patients who are self-pay, we offer a discounted rate for office visits, procedures, imaging and lab tests.

Membership Fee:

$66.67 monthly OR $200.00 quarterly OR $800.00 dollars annually for an individual
$133.34 monthly OR $400 quarterly OR $1600 annually for a family (spouses and dependents < 26 years of age)



Lower reimbursement rates and increased requirements by insurance companies are leaving providers with little time for meaningful interaction. This program will allow us the needed resources to enhance your health care. Our goal is to have more time and resources to focus on patient care, specifically on prevention and minimizing the need for treatment.

No. However, certain Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans may reimburse for all or part of the fee. Each plan is different, so it is always safe to check with your human resources representative or plan manager to find out.

Yes, there will be no change in how we currently bill your insurance. We will continue to bill for visits and procedures, and charge copays, co-insurances, and deductibles as we currently do. Our annual fee covers the services that your insurance and/or Medicare does not cover.

For our self-pay patients who pay at the time of the visit, we offer discounted prices for visits and in-office procedures. In addition, our ability to triage patients via phone will allow us the ability to limit unnecessary visits.

Yes, you can stop your membership and get a prorated refund for the membership fee at any time by giving 30 days notice. If you wish to stop the membership, simply write a letter requesting discontinuation of services.

Yes, you will continue to be responsible for your co-pay and deductible. Our Wellness Plan is completely separate from your insurance. However, we dedicated time and resources to finding a plan that would allow you to get full benefits from your insurance. 

You will be receiving many enhanced services: If needed, you are getting extra time with providers, same day visits, consultations with our psychologist and nutritionist, consultations for medicinal cannabis, CBD Oil, hormone replacement, and a direct line to our Health & Wellness nurse to get your questions and requests answered promptly.

Nothing! Your insurance will be used IDENTICALLY to how it is currently used. The additional cost is simply put towards the extra services we are offering. The fee covers the services that are not traditionally covered by insurance.

Certainly!  All insurance plans differ, so while we can’t promise it will be covered, we’d be happy to provide a receipt to submit.  

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