Staying Connected – A Message from Annapolis Family Medicine

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Dear patients,

We hope this email finds all of you well. In an effort to continue to be “socially distanced” but still connected, we wanted to remind everyone that we are here for you . In addition to telemedicine, we continue to offer drive-through testing for concerns such as COVID-19,strep throat, influenza and UTIs . In addition to your acute needs, we wanted to remind you that we are fully capable to continue to keep up with your chronic and health maintenance needs. We encourage you to continue to follow up regularly for such conditions as, but not limited to hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and mental health.   Optimizing your health and ensuring that you do not have any lapse in care during this period is essential. 
We ask that you call our office (410-280-9500) with any of your concerns. We have staff ready to answer your questions and to help set up appropriate visits. For the majority of patients, Virtual Visits will likely be an appropriate forum. This user-friendly service allows us to connect with our patients from the comfort of your own home.  Given our current situation, nearly all insurance companies are covering this service, however, coverage may vary with commercial insurers, so please check with your insurance company so you can be informed of what specifically is covered.  
In addition, we request that no patients come into the office without first calling. This process that we continue practice allows us to adequately triage and limit any unnecessary trips. 
We continue to work hard to help keep our community health and informed and continue to encourage we all keep with the current recommendations of practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing and trying your best to avoid touching your face.
In addition to keeping with the current recommendations to keep us all safe, we wanted to share resources we have found. Whether you are the one in need or the who can give, it is so very important to remember that we are all in this together and will get through this. ❤
Best wishes and stay well!
Annapolis Family Medicine 


Resources for those in need in our community
Resources specific to Seniors
Ways to give back to the community
Resources to keep you informed
  Maryland Department of Health 
Mental Health


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