Vaccine information and AFM Update

Annapolis Family Medicine Vaccine information and Update 


Vaccine information and AFM Update


As we enter into the new year we wanted to make sure to keep everyone updated with our office operations as well as the most up to date information on the COVID vaccination roll out here in Anne Arundel County and the state of Maryland.While we are inquiring daily, we currently DO NOT have the vaccination in office. Given the limited supply of vaccinations as well as the very specific storage of the vaccinations, the current vaccinations have only been released to the Health Department, Hospitals and large pharmacy chains such as Walgreens and CVS. We are hopeful that as time goes on that we will have access to having the vaccine on premise but for now we are relying on the above listed facilities to begin the distribution to our patients.  Below are several links that offer information on the current and prospective vaccinations as well as the current schedule for vaccine rollout for the state of Maryland and Anne Arundel County. Currently, we are still in stage 1A ( healthcare workers, nursing homes and first responders) but per the Governor’s most recent announcement, we will be moving into stage 1B ( those 75+, educators and childcare providers) as early as next week. There is an opportunity to sign up for email or text updates on vaccine rollout information through the health department and we encourage patients to enroll to ensure everyone is getting the most up to date information ( see below).   In addition we will continue to update our patients with any new information we receive. We also encourage those of you that have neighbors and friends who may not have access to the internet to update them as this all continues to be a fluid situation.

Please know we continue to see patients and have same day appointments available to accommodate your needs.   In an effort to limit any unnecessary trips out for our patient’s, we continue to have virtual visits for patients, and if indicated, in office visits.  We encourage all patients to call our office 410-280-9500 or email with any questions, concerns or inquiries before entering the office.  Our lab also continues to be operational.   We want to ensure that your care during this time is not disrupted and are here for you.

Please see the links below for more information.

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Informational Websites
Facts about COVID vaccinations:

Vaccine rollout guide

(scroll to the bottom and can enroll for email or text updates from the health department)


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